Science of Breakdancing

I fell in love with breakdancing in middle school after watching a video from America’s Best Dance Crew. While I once thought dancing belonged to those with lithe bodies and ballerina legs, breakdancing has shown my what real dance is about: enjoying the music, channeling an inner personality, and passion for the dance.

I plan on making a sequel to this blog post about the science behind many different moves in breakdancing. When I learned to do a windmill or a headspin, I used the scientific method to experiment, analyze my errors, and improve them each time. Little did I know, breakdancing allowed me to apply the science I learned in class to a completely different aspect of my interests. To start of this sequel, I would like to introduce you to a video I found interesting on YouTube about the science behind the flare move:

Within the next month, I will write about the scientific method process I used to improve my power moves and learn my moves in a short amount of time, and I will break down and analyze the science behind some of the most complicated breakdance moves. Keep on the lookout!


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