Happiness Project!

After writing in my gratitude journal every morning for several years, I realized that gratitude is one of the most important things to have – over success or money or power. It has been the tool I used to sympathize with others, to put myself in others’ shoes, and to be optimistic. I am naturally a happy person, but keeping a gratitude journal has revolutionized and improved my perspective on life greatly.

I had an idea the other day: I always like to look up famous quotes and write them down on my agenda as a motivational reminder to stay strong or to be kind to others. Writing little notes to myself is really important to me because I surprise myself when I open my binder to see a small reminder to be a good person or to try my best.

Recently, some of my friends have gone through some familial or academic struggles, and I found that reaching out to them – even giving them a hug or a high five – makes them feel better. Well, I wanted to do more. Perhaps I could start a happiness project where I could send my friends a text every morning to start them off on a bright, beatiful day!

Every morning now, I text out a positive or inspiring quote to my group of friends. It started out with just seven friends, and after many of them personally told me that they look forward to the daily positivity texts, I have slowly added to the group. Now, I have thirty-six friends in my group! I started sending pictures of my hand lettered quotes and even my commentary on what these quotes mean to me and how I hope to live by them. I hope that by sharing these beautiful quotes with them, they feel that there is always someone there by their side to care for them and that they are not alone.

I am glad that I have played a small role in brightening their days and encouraging my friends and peers to strive to be positive and uplifting towards others as well. As I continue to grow my group, I am grateful for my friends’ support in responding to my daily text messages and I am ever more hopeful that I may be a good friend to others.   


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