Happiness Project!

After writing in my gratitude journal every morning for several years, I realized that gratitude is one of the most important things to have – over success or money or power. It has been the tool I used to sympathize with others, to put myself in others’ shoes, and to be optimistic. I am naturally […]

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My Newfound Interest in Cooking

Like any other average incoming college student, my cooking is definitely just a survival skill: the colorful array of spam and sunny side up eggs, and if I’m feeling a little fancier, maybe some instant ramen decorated with colorful garnishes are all I can whip up. I have always loved to eat; my parents used […]

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Phelps Three-Way Tie?

In light of Michael Phelps’ final swim in the 2016 Olympics, I wonder why there was a three-way tie in the 100m Butterfly. After all, this is the Olympics, the most prestigious athletic international competition. There must be a way to differentiate between the world’s three butterfly swimmers, right? They can’t all just be the same! A […]

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