City of Hope: Summer of My Dreams

I have always wanted to do research at an world-renowned cancer research facility like City of Hope. This summer, I got that chance. I fully embraced my title as a data scientist for ten weeks, and I am glad that I will be continuing my project with my mentor into the school year!

At City of Hope, I worked on a project called Rule-Based Selection Criteria of Algorithms and Visualization Techniques for Analyzing Biomedical Datasets. I learned the R programming language, extensively researched over twenty common machine learning algorithms, and tested certain strengths and limitations of each of the algorithms on biomedical datasets from the UCI Machine Learning Repository. After I gathered these results, I created a flowchart containing which algorithms to use depending on certain traits of the given biomedical dataset. Together with my mentor, we created an online user interface for City of Hope that mirrored the questions that my flowchart contained. Depending on the traits corresponding to the user’s dataset, the interface recommended one to three machine learning algorithms that could be used to give the best prediction results. My favorite part of the summer research experience was attending Innovation Meetings, where my colleagues and I would discuss ideas and make presentations on cutting-edge research. We conducted daily scrums, which were sessions to evaluate progress and discuss further steps and challenges with other researchers. I presented a scientific poster of my findings to wrap up my research project and got feedback from researchers to work on my next project in bioinformatics.


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