The Circus Behind the Cirque de Soleil

Often times, there is so much more behind what we see with our eyes. Behind a brilliant student is hours and hours of hard work, studying, and learning. Behind the wise eyes of my eighty-year old grandmother are years of experience, tumultuous life stories, love, and passion. Behind the closed doors of a large corporation like Tesla are thousands of people working towards one goal every single day for years. Just like any of these, there is a whole different world behind the shows we travel to Las Vegas for every so often – there is a circus behind the scenes of the Cirque de Soleil.

As I wondered how circus performers live their lives, I thought about the movie Water for Elephants about circus nomads, and I also thought about Vegas performers who live very different lives. So which is it? People pour in from all corners of the world and from all different backgrounds in the arts to join this prestigious circus. I’ve come to learn about the grueling, often painful lives that Cirque de Soleil performers live. I never realized before, that as I sat as an audience member in a Las Vegas show arena, there were so many people behind the scenes working to put together every little fragment of an amazing show. This is a very interesting video that I found on YouTube:


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