The World’s Greatest Painting or Reflection?

In AP Spanish class, we learn not only about the Spanish language but also about Southern American culture, art, and lifestyles. I have great respect for the beauties of Southern American countries like Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. However, what I found most interesting is the art. We learned about El Greco, Diego Velazquez, and some of the most modern architects and artists as well. In particular, when my Spanish teacher showed us the Las Meninas artpiece created by Diego Velazquez, I was stunned. The artwork was beautiful and precise, but there was something very beautiful about the alignment of each of the objects and how the painting looks as if I am standing in front of the royals themselves and in the present moment. I thought about this the entire day and was really hoping to find a scientific explanation about what the aesthetics of the painting make it visually pleasing to the common eye. However, after much research, I turned to YouTube, my favorite place to look for interesting information, and found this video:

It is as close to a scientific explanation as I can find, with some explanation about physics and optics (the way light affects the visuals of the painting). I hope that you find this interesting!


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